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Thursday, 30 December 2010


The Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You At Least $1,000 Per Month Without A Website Or A Product Of Your Own!

Web camera software detects motion, triggers
alarm, captures snapshots, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail

Web camera software detects activity, sounds siren, captures images, records video, and sends captured images by email
Web cameras
are not bad for more than just making ip communications
more sensible. They can also be
an really useful device
for use in residence or industry security.


is now available that can sense motion and use
it as a trigger for various procedures.

The way that
it works is to analyze the image sent by a camera that is either connected using USB
or through a video capture device for movement. While it picks up
that movement, it can then acquire any number of events,
including triggering an alarm.

An other popular application, though, is to either
send live shots of what is happening in the scene that is covered by the camera
or to even broadcast using online broadcasting precisely what is
happening with both audio and image. If installed surreptitiously,
this application could even be used for stealthy surveillance.

Given the
large amount of systems that either have a webcam connected
or can support one, this is an excellent way to inexpensively and simply protect
the zone around that property
from invasion or burglary.

New professional surveillance software works with
any webcamera, Internet cameras, and major capture cards.

Webcam software detects motion, sounds alarm, captures images, records video, and sends captured images by e-mail

Security application

has become so difficult that the average
user who has been busy minding his business instead of pouring over electronics and internet
technology articles can be easily overwhelmed when it comes time to install or renew his surveillance system.

Fortunately, there is new professional security application that simplifies much of the decision making.
You don't necessarily have to get rid of a working analog CCTV system in order to update to a broadcasting
video that can be watched from any internet connected pc or 3G phone. Video capture cards can digitally convert the
snapshots for broadcast. Until recently, there had been no real attempts to regulate the new Internet
cameras; every make and manufacturer functioned a tiny differently. And when you connect web cameras into the
mix, finding one software to rule them all was heavy.

Professional surveillance software

is now available that will work for any camera
or IP webcam and for most capture cards as well. You can monitor whatever your activity
detectors are picking up at your residence or firm while you can be half a world away.
The application itself may not be simple, but it can get life simpler for you.

Broadcasting online video and audio from capture card
via web camera server software

Streaming live video and audio from capture card via web camera computer application

Surveillance software

If you find yourself with a need to record security video with a camera over an area,

computer application

may be the right choice for you. Using this application, it is possible to set up a
camera to detect movement and begin recording when it does.

Depending on your needs, the sights and sounds that are picked up by the camera may be stored on a hard drive, or if the captured video
needs to be available off-site, can be broadcast using the server's streaming
feature to a site.

Depending on the quality of the camera and the viewer's video card, the picture that is recorded may be as clear as a high-definition tv signal.
Using a install like this, it is possible to provide a measure of security for an area when
the economics of the situation do not justify hiring a security firm or setting up a professional monitoring system.


do-it-yourself approach

can save money while not compromising on security.


The Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You At Least $1,000 Per Month Without A Website Or A Product Of Your Own!


Hi reader,

Yesterday I gave you ten mistakes that regulary occure when building a list. Today I'm coverring 2 of those mistakes  more in dept.

One of the most important steps you’ll ever take as an email marketer is in choosing to power your mailing lists by establishing an account with a professional autoresponder provider. There are many different reasons why setting up a remotely hosted autoresponder account is important, including:

1) Increased Deliverability
There is no sense in spending time crafting a high quality broadcast or email if no one is able to receive it.
By setting up your mailing list with an experience autoresponder service team, you can rest assured that your emails will make it to their destination.
It’s their job to maximize deliverability rates and help you connect to your subscriber base quickly and easily. Professional autoresponder providers typically offer a quick “email check” prior to sending out your email that will analyze your mailing and determine whether it’s likely to be filtered by anti-spam tools. This enables you to quickly edit your email so that it is far more likely to be processed into your recipient’s inbox.

2) Safeguarding Your Mailing Lists
 Professional autoresponder providers offer frequent back-ups of your database, in the event it becomes corrupted or inaccessible. This is extremely important, because the last thing you would want to do is spend the time and energy developing a massive list of subscribers, only to lose it all.
Your autoresponder service provider will also handle all requests to unsubscribe, helps you comply with CanSpam regulations and provides you with the ability to write as many newsletter messages as you wish, and set up the dates and times when you want them to be published.
 This means that you can write all of your messages at once and have them trickle out to your subscribers on specific dates.

3) Important Features
If you are interested in maximizing your open rate and overall response rates, you need to utilize the different features available within your autoresponder account including your average open rate, opt-out rate, response rate and whether any complaints have been sent in regarding your recent mailing. Keeping a pulse on your subscriber base and how well they response to your broadcasts will help you improve your mailings and tailor your campaigns so that they directly communicate with those who have subscribed to your lists. You can review detailed statistics for your entire newsletter by logging into your autoresponder administration panel (most autoresponder services should offer enhanced features, some with the option to upgrade for access to advanced tools)

It is quite difficult to switch autoresponder providers once you have etasblished a mailing list as your subscribers will have to re-subscribe to your new list.
Keep this in mind when you begin building your lists and choose to create an account with a reputable autoresponder company right from the start.

I work with Trafficwave , it's a good reliable autoresponder but there are other companies that provides you with this service and are good too

Build 1,000's of Subscribers on 100% Autopilot!

Fire List Builder:

Fire List Builder is the New Breakthrough System that allows you to build a MASSIVE list on 100% Autopilot! 


One of the most important elements of a successful email marketing campaign begins with a well-constructed squeeze page.
Your squeeze page is the ‘doorway’ into your email marketing system and if it fails to convert visitors into subscribers, you will struggle to build your lists. Your squeeze page needs to be very clean and simple. You want people who visit your website to be given ONE option only; to subscribe to your newsletter. This means that you need to minimize any external links, and really emphasis your opt-in form. You also want to limit the graphics that you use on your squeeze page, so that it loads quickly and doesn’t distract your visitor from your objective; getting them on your mailing list
In order to create an effective squeeze page that encourages visitors into subscribing to your list, consider the different types of incentives that you can offer. When it comes to listing the benefits you need to be clear and concise. Make sure they understand ‘what is in it for them’, and what you are offering that will assist them (remember, solve a problem, address an issue, offer a way to save time, money, relationships, etc).
When creating the body content for your squeeze page, consider underlining, highlighting or colorizing important information so that you can draw attention to the areas of your squeeze page that you want your website visitors to pay special attention to. Savvy marketers feature a “bribe” on their squeeze pages that provide a special offer in exchange for a visitor subscribing to their lists.

You could offer:

 Free Report
 Free Ebooks
 Free Designs or Templates
 Free Graphic Packages
 Free Video Guides
 Free Tutorials
 Free Sample Chapter (from a paid product)
 Free e-Courses, Newsletter, Magazine

 This a very effective method of building your list, however you need to make sure that whatever you decide to offer is directly targeted towards your niche market. Make sure that your squeeze page looks professional with a clean template and simple layout. If you aren’t familiar with HTML and editing code, you will find it easier to purchase a pre-designed squeeze page template that you can easily edit and customize to suit your needs.

Here I have some free reports you can use:

Free report #1

Free report #2

Get Followed
Tweepfollow.comGet 1,000s of new Twitter followers

Price: as low as eight bucks a week

more information

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

List Building Mistakes

The Shockingly Simple System That Can Make You At Least $1,000 Per Month Without A Website Or A Product Of Your Own!


When it comes to making money online, developing a targeted subscriber base of active and repeat customers is an essential ingredient in the recipe to success.

Having a list in your marketing arsenal will instantly maximize your targeted website traffic or promotion traffic, while making it easier to make money with less work involved. For example, with a mailing list you can simply create broadcasts that go out to your entire subscriber base that feature a blend of high quality information and content with promotional based offers.
You can then include affiliate promotions for products and services that you are interested in advertising, as well as gaining valuable feedback from your subscribers on the different types of products that they are interested in.
This information will help you develop your own product line of high quality, in demand products with a ready-made customer base waiting to purchase your releases.
It’s an exceptionally easy thing to build a list, even if you are a complete newcomer to the world of online marketing and business.
The trouble comes with people approaching list building in such as a way as to hinder their chances of actually being able to fully monetize their mailing list.

Let’s take a look at the most common mistakes made by email marketers:











Those mistakes I will disclosure in separate messages where you can see how to avoind them

Monday, 27 December 2010

Free Report Reveals:
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Sunday, 26 December 2010


"If You're Struggling To Build Your List & Make Money Online, Read On To Discover The Simplest Strategy To Capture 100's Of Fresh Targeted Leads Everyday! Don't Worry, This System Is 100% Legal, But Your Competitors May Come Looking For You!"

I'm sure you've heard it time and time again... "The Money is in The List!"... It's been said for the last 10 years and will be said for the next 10. That's because it works.

Any time you need to make a few extra $100, just send an email to your list and - kaching! Cash on demand. It's real and it's how I have been making my dough online for years.

You Need To Get A List!

But let me re-phrase that... You need a highly RESPONSIVE mailing list, to be more precise. I don't care if your new to this whole "internet marketing" will save yourself a lot of headaches and long nights if you learn and remember that simple truth!
Sales Are Determined By the Number of People You Can Reach... And With Your Own List, You Can Reach Those People With the Press of a Button!
By far, having a list of your own that you can email any time you want is the #1 easiest and fastest way to make money online, period!
To be honest, there are only...

3 Steps to Crushing It Online!

Step #1: Find A Profitable Niche Market

Step #2: Build a Responsive Email List

Step #3: Monetize Your Email List with Products and/or Service

Most courses just teach you the second step - but not here!



Get Access & Start Building Your List BIG Now!

When using the strategies you discover inside Sniper List Building you will learn how to grow your own targeted list of subscribers from scratch into the 100's... and quickly the 1000's mark which you can turn into your own personal ATM!
The core Sniper List Building course is covered in the 5 modules


Saturday, 25 December 2010

The highest converting traffic I've ever seen...

Traffic Smarter is a new site that says it guarantees more web visitors and online advertising with very little effort or cost. More importantly, it promises higher CONVERSIONS--signups and sales. So I decided to put it to the test...

My first impression was the site looks professional and clean, with an attractive look and feel. It is easy to read and understand. Joining the site was easy and painless--they do offer 2 upgrade options but they are not required to gain the benefits.

The Members Area is very well laid out and intuitive--I could figure out what to do after only a few minutes and was able to get up and running in less than 5 minutes. Inside the site, you create links and ads--the links you simply enter any URL links you use into the generator and it transforms them into "Traffic Smarter" links. You create ads for anything you want to promote using the Traffic Smarter Ad Generator, which is very easy to use. You can create as many links and as many ads as you like. And they are organized in a logical way--links are displayed in the order you create them but also your 5 most recent links appear on the main page for quick reference. Also, since the link generator is the tool you'll use most, it is also right at the top of the main page when you login. VERY SMART!

After you've created at least 1 link and 1 ad you can start to generate traffic. Just use and promote the new Traffic Smarter link instead of the original source link you had. Every time the Traffic Smarter link is clicked, the page loads followed by a small ad window in the lower right corner. It displays 3 ads PLUS an image with your affiliate link that goes back to Traffic Smarter. So if anyone clicks the Traffic Smarter image they see the site, and if they signup they become your referral. It's a great viral feature because you can build referrals without even trying to just by using the site.

Now every time the ad window displays (your Traffic Smarter links get clicked) you earn credits that get YOUR ad displayed in the ad windows when other members' links get clicked. So the more clicks, the more times your ads get displayed.

And this works virally--meaning as you make referrals into Traffic Smarter (either by promoting it or just using it and visitors click the Traffic Smarter image on the ad window to join) you also earn ad credits on THEIR link clicks. And this works up to 5 levels deep. So you can create a massive amount of free ad views and web traffic by referring others to Traffic Smarter also.

I didn't get to test the full effect of a big downline yet (I just got the tool) but I can tell you the rest of the site works exactly as stated--my links got clicked, I earned credits, and my ads got displayed. Traffic Smarter even tracked my results so I know how many clicks and how many ad displays. That was an impressive unadvertised extra feature.

There is one more benefit and feature which might be the best of them all--downline emailing. You can email your downline with offers, promotions, or whatever you like, and here is where Traffic Smarter really shines. They took time to make the emailing often enough that it's valuable as a user, but no so often that it's a burden to your downline. But the best part about this feature (and actually the credit earning too) is that it tells you exactly how long until you can mail again. Now THAT's cool.

Overall I have to say I am impressed with Traffic Smarter. It is simple yet powerful, and delivers on its promises. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to increase traffic and advertising.

See it and join HERE:

Maximise Your Profit Margins With Online Wholesalers

Online Wholesalers can provide a massive boost to any online entrepreneur's profit margins, due to their low cost of operation, incredibly advanced delivery networks, and ability to provide massive amounts of products at an incredibly low cost to buyers. Ideal for many eBay sellers and online marketplace operators, online wholesalers and dropshippers can provide the resources needed for any online business, whether it's shipping 100 units a month or 10,000. Still, one question typically lingers in any entrepreneur's mind: where do I start? This article outlines some of the most important starting questions and solutions for any internet entrepreneur.

First, you need a pick a wholesaler that fits your needs. While you may get recommendations from other, or find wholesale contacts through paid lists, it's of absolutely fundamental important to pick a wholesaler that fits your needs, instead of someone else's. Consider the amount that your business is shipping, the amount of expansion you may go through in the future, and the cost that you can handle from a wholesaler and make an informed decision that leads to the best possible outcome for you. There's nothing worse than getting stuck in a deal that doesn't help you, and in a long term business relationship you need to get yourself on a side that's receiving value.

If you're a small business, don't even bother contacting the big guys. Many online wholesalers will only offer packages in excess of 1000+ units, and that rules them out instantly for smaller online retailers. The only situation where contacting the big wholesalers is necessary is when you're looking for a recommendation -- many of the larger providers will be able to recommend a smaller scale product provider for small retail businesses. Otherwise, it's best to ask around in various entrepreneurial circles. Your competitors likely won't help you, but other people that work on the same scale (such as small online business owners) but in a different niche, might be able to point you in the direction of a high quality wholesaler.

If you're a remote worker, or someone that needs a business unattached to any physical location, you're best bet is to look at a dropshipping or shipping fulfillment company. With many available, it's important to research which one can provide the greatest benefits to yourself and your customers. If the majority of your orders come from the United States, then don't pick a provider that specialises in shipping to the South Pacific, as it will just delay orders and increase prices overall. Always aim for the specialists in your field, and make sure you get a deal that helps yourself and creates positive experiences for your customers.

While finding and developing a relationship with a wholesaler can be difficult, these steps can really ease the process, and make it all a possibility for beginner entrepreneurs. Whether you're taking your first steps into internet commerce, or taking your thousandth step as an experience entrepreneur, a profitable and remarkable relationship with product suppliers is fundamental to your businesses success.

To learn more about wholesalers, check out the free
Finding a Wholesaler report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

How to Get Insane Web Traffic

There are countless ways to direct traffic to your site. It's not a matter of simply advertising your website and hoping that people visit it. In order to apply the following steps successfully you should come up with a plan. A plan will help you keep track of what has been done, and what needs to be done. Unless you work the plan, nothing will change, so please keep this in mind.


Before you implement any traffic-generating activities, make sure to install a good tracking code to your site. I recommend you use Google Analytics, or Statcounter. Both are free and with a bit of trial and error you'll soon get the hang of them.

People who fail to measure their traffic will never be able to tell which of their methods work. You might as well stop right there if you are among them. Unless you track your activities, how will you know which of them are successful, and which are not?

Get the point?


Traffic Bomb # 1 Search Engine Optimization

SEO is king! Optimizing your website for search engine spiders is your meal ticket to driving insane traffic to your site.
 I suggest you optimize your website for your niche with as many keywords as you care to rank for. Organic search engine traffic is free once the hits are starting to flow. You do the hard work of SEO once, build links until you rank for the keyword, and then tweak the rankings here and there if need be to keep them stable. Combined with the marketing methods below you should see a sharp increase in web traffic to your site.

Traffic Bomb # 2 Video

Video marketing is one of the best ways to generate a large amount of traffic to any website. If you are using a PC you can create your own videos in under one hour with the help of Windows Movie Maker. Mac users can do the same on iMovie.

Once your video is acceptable for publication you can upload it to the popular video hosting sites such as YouTube, Yahoo Video, Vimeo, Viddler and many more.

Rock Your Video Marketing with Automation Tools:

Instead of busting your butt trying to upload a new video to the countless video hosting sites each day, you can use simple tools like TubeMogul. TubeMogul is free.

In Internet marketing circles the undisputed tool for video marketing is Traffic Geyser. Unfortunately TG is only for hard-core video marketers because you have to reach deep into your pockets to buy this program. You can try the program for free for 30 days; after the free trial ends you pay $97/month.

To be honest, I think that using TubeMogul is enough. We could argue about this all you want, but in the end it's the conversions that count. If TubeMogul brings you readers that lead to buyers, then who cares? The best way to find out is by testing both. Remember to measure your traffic though if you want to know what works, and what doesn't.


Sneaky Tricks of the Pros

There is one super-sneaky trick Internet marketing pros use to add rocket fuel to their video rankings – it's about time you found out.

Introducing: Tube Views Services

Tube Views Services are your weapon when it comes to pushing your videos to the most viewed section on sites like YouTube. Doing this will be like creating a snowball that just gets bigger and bigger in the process. Before you venture down that road you need to understand that using these services can get you banned from YouTube. Stick with reputable service providers to start with and then make sure you know what goes on before you click the buy views now button.

Video marketing pros have used this method for some time now. The object of this method is to buy cheap Tube views from the above mentioned services in order to get your video ranked among the most viewed in your niche. You can buy views for the following sections:

·       Favorites
·       Channel Views
·       Video Views
·       Subscribers
·       Video Ratings
·       Comments

What this does is create interest first, then results in real traffic, from people who go there to find interesting videos. If your video is good, it will rock to the top of the most popular section in no time, driving a mass of people to your site.

Ok this was it for now

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What's All the Fuss About Traffic?

I'm glad you asked. It's simple really. Without traffic your site would digitally rot and never earn you a penny of income. Some people might not be bothered about the lack of income on their website, but from where I'm standing, it makes sense to be rewarded for your work. Wouldn't you agree?

The whole purpose of launching a blog, or website is to get something in return. Usually that something is cash. Why else would you want to spend hours of your time writing articles and blog posts if not to earn a little money in return? There is nothing unjust in wanting to do this. But for it to happen, you need traffic, and a lot of it. 
To show you that anyone can increase their bottom line once they generate a steady stream of visitors to their site. 

Business Essentials

If you are a business owner you have no doubt spent a lot of time and money figuring out how to market your business. You have probably spent more hours then you care to count on things like advertising, and contacting salespeople from the local newspaper, radio station, television station, and Billboard Company. The reason you did this is to figure out which type of marketing is going to be the most cost-effective.

Thanks to the Internet you can now reach millions of people with your product, or service, rather than be limited to your local market.

Regardless whether you own a brick & mortar business, or an online business, you need website traffic to convert readers to buyers.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Promote to over 10 million users around the world

Promote to over 10 million customers

Advertise to over 10 million users across the world.

We advertise your business in global network of partners sites,
each with own targeted auditory.

Our company gives you effective promotion strategies that makes your business succeed on the Internet.

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Increase search engine rankings

Increase your web-site search engine rank

Showing up on search engines is one of the most important ways to increase web-site
traffic and show your business or service to customers who might be interested in what you are offering.

Most of the big search engines use a software to calculate your web-site ranks.

They know the number of web-sites are linking to your website; more referrers and visitors
better rank for your web site.

Get Higher Rank...

Get More Customers

Get More Shoppers, Get More Revenue!!!

With no day-to-day stream of customers you cannot have reliable around the clock revenue.

You cannot get revenue if no one visits your website. You need visitors
to see your website, every day, 24 hours!

Our company helps more than 30,000 customers get more shoppers from Internet.

You will increase your revenue by receiving hundreds of real targeted shoppers to see your products.

More Visitors...

Introduction to Web Traffic

Traffic generation seem to be one of the hardest parts of online marketing for most website owners. Perhaps it's the idea of having to find people to come and look at your site, or using the various platforms to encourage more traffic that scares people into inactivity. To be honest, I don't know.

What I do know is how to generate a flood of traffic to just about any website with very little out-of-pocket expenses.

The idea of this is to show you exactly how to do this, so when you are done reading  you have a powerful traffic generation resource at hand, one that can be used time and time again.

Before we dig into the various traffic-generation options, I wanted to tell you that the information within this series of articles is by no means exhausting. With the ever-changing Internet, something new and better could appear out of nowhere tomorrow. Therefore I suggest you keep your eye on the ball by staying connected with the hot new inventions online. You can do this with the help of forums and social networking sites.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Why Build a List?

When you set out to build a list, you are hoping to gather the names and email addresses of dedicated subscribers and prospects. You’re hoping to gain instant access to customers and also to build a following of readers for your ezines and articles, or whatever game plan you have in mind.

However, these days it’s not easy to get people to part with personal information. There is so much spam out there that people have become wary of anybody who asks for their names and email addresses. For that reason, you are going to have to convince people they should offer this information to you. The most effective way to do this is by building trust as well as value. You must give them a good reason to part with their personal information.

When you build a list, you are creating a dedicated following. These people, if you do everything correctly, will eagerly await your next communication in which you offer them the next great product or service that they’re sure to be interested in.

See, to build a quality list, people must be looking for what you’re offering in the first place. They may search for you using Google, or they may click on an ad, and that’s when they’re taken to your website that offers them something in exchange for their information.

That essentially means that, for you to build a quality list, they have to seek you out. For that to happen, you must give them an opportunity to find you. This can be done in a number of ways. You can use paid advertising, article marketing, or you can use several of the techniques we’re about to discuss. Then, once they find you and they give you their information, you’ll be able to offer them what they want whenever you want to.

If you have a new product you’re selling, you can instantly send out an email telling all your subscribers about it. If you just published an article on an ezine, you can also tell your subscribers to go read it. It’s an effective way to build a fan base that is always hungry for what you’re offering. That makes list building, hands down, one of the most effective marketing techniques ever conceived.

There are other techniques that are great for marketing, but none target a group quite like list building. When you drive down the highway, you see billboards advertising products and services and even ideologies. These billboards are designed to reach everyone who passes by. Some people may respond to these billboards, but most people won’t. They’ll just pass them by and they’ll become essentially just another part of their surroundings.

Now, consider if you could design a billboard that could only be seen by the very people who would love to respond to it. That’s essentially the idea behind list building. You are delivering information and products to people that are looking for those exact things. That means you have a higher chance of making money than if you were to blanket market to people who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer.

Finally, the reason you want to build a list is because people often don’t buy the first time they’re offered something. For example, let’s pretend you have a product. You build a website, you fill it with quality content and you optimize it effectively for the search engines. Then, you do some article marketing and you even create an Adwords campaign to promote that site. You may get a few visitors but most people don’t buy and those that do visit never return.

Now, what if you could get the visitors’ email addresses so that you could keep in contact with them? 
Do you think you could convince them to buy if you could offer them more information over a longer period of time and actually build a trusting relationship with them?
I bet you could and that right there is the primary reason why list building is essential to online marketing.
Next time I will cover another item of the list building process