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Friday, 17 June 2011

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Hi all,

Today I want to share the update about the golden opportunity I shared in the previous article.
It has been some days I was very busy to figure out how I best could invest to make my plan happen the best way.
I had to fund my alertpay account so I could buy an investment contract of 14 days returning 25% ROI when it matures.
Meanwhile I had a little sum left to start out with a contract of 1 month giving me 60%ROI when it matures.
I invested $10 what will give me after 1 month 6$ return making it in total 16$. Not the big lumpsum to fire my boss, but where will I get 60% after 1 month? When I keep that sum in my savings account it certainly won't give me enough return to pay for the cost to keep this account in my bank.
The good thing is when it matures I not only get the return in my account balance with Elite Alliance, but also the principal invested amount will return into my account balance.

So for the ones who are thinking this is some kind of HYip, bad news because I get all the money back; but later I will come back to this item.

Now some days later funds arrived into my alertpay account and I bought a second contract, this time I bought a 14 days contract return 25%. The amount I invested was $100
Neighter a great amount to be able to fire my boss. But you have to see the bigger picture in it.

To demonstrate the potential of this program I would like to refer to the story of the farmer who played chess with the emperor.
Before they started the emperor asked the farmer what he would like to receive when he should win the chess game.
The farmer thought it over and came with the proposition that the emperor should reward him with rice, therefor the emperor had to fill the chessboard; starting with 1 grain of rice in the first square and double it every next square.
That agreed, they started playing and the farmer won the game.
The emperor had to fulfill the agreement and started with 1 rice grain on the first square
Now by the last square of the chessboard the emperor didn't have enough rice to fill it like they agreed upon.

Ok this is a little story but to translate it here, I made some calculations and at first sight, the 10$ and 100$ doesn't seem that important investments you can retire on, but re-think it with the example of the story I told. Imagine everysquare is a contract of 14 days or whatever of the 4 types of contracts there are in the program and I always re-invest what I get when the contracts mature.

Now I made it already a bit easy and did some math homework.

Suppose I leave the principal capital and the return do the work by re-investing everything for 1 year.

100$ initial principal invested would give me in the shortest contract period = 7days, giving me each time when the contract matures 11% Roi. Now at the end of the year, after 52 weeks I would have earned 19K$*
100$ the same as above but this time I would have chosen the longest period = 2 months with 160% ROI. At the end of the year or 6 investment periods always re-investing everything I would end up having earned 30K$*

Now I made those calcs several times because I thought I had missed somewhere, but no.
When I saw this, it hit me out of my socks and I was not alone. My friends who are involved in Elite Alliance as well, made their cals also and ended up with the same effect on their system.

This finally was the system we all are looking for.
A system that gave us the opportunity to start with what we can afford to loose, but is valuable to build us our financial freedom.
This opportunity really is the armor of ordinary people who struggle every day in the rat race to keep the heads up, especially in those economically hard times. This can open the door to finally get rid of that bullying boss who pays everyday less and demand everytime that you work harder, faster longer,.... More and more I see arround me that economical slavery is back in the world and this could give me the answer to stop the rat race.

Now this isn't some new HYip as stated already before. First when contracts mature principal capital returns into your account.
I want to quote Leon Reiter, the founder of Elite Alliance, is responce of attacts to Elite Alliance in this sence:

"""""""..............It's Leon here. This is an urgent & important Update. I apologize for being a bit late with this one, but still it is topical and very important.

First of all, I would like to pay attention to what has been going on lately. Just returned from a Business trip and was unpleasantly surprised by all the negative feedback and responses received from some Members.
People scream "scam" here and there - now I can see the real scale of the shady so-called "HYIP-industry". There must be so many people who fell victims to the GREEDY HYIP ADMINS that every time we have a LITTLE delay in Payouts, people are losing their TRUST... A SHOCKING fact that makes me sad...

Shouldn't it be a matter of personal choice whether to stay a Member of Elite Alliance Wealth Club or go for some really QUICK "cash" and put your hard-earned money in the nearest Ponzi?... Any Member can withdraw his/her money at any time and try finding a "SAFE HOME" with some hit-and-run Pyramid scheme. We run a serious Business here and I am fully aware of my obligations to my Partners, be it Elite Alliance Members or my Associates from Austria, Belgium, United Kingdom and all over the world. I am a man of honour and I always do what I can to stick by my promises. Some people just need to stop and ask themselves, "Why am I doing this if I simply do not trust?" It really sounds "insulting" at times when some Individuals call us this and that...

Now please let me get straight to the Business...

As I mentioned before, I had to go away on a Business trip for several days. I did not take my laptop with me, instead, I took my Sensor Tablet for convenience to show a new Presentation of the InProfit System. Sensor is very handy when it comes to showing presentations on the big screen. That is why it takes so long to process the Pending Payouts, however, now I am back and ready to process them. What is not good is that my Tablet submitted a duplicate AlertPay Mass Payment in a blink of an eye and we are negotiating with AlertPay in regards to this issue. And that is what happens when people do such things under the pressure of negative emotions - thanks to some Members for the support. All this makes me want to give up and close our doors for a limited amount of Members who truly show their wholehearted support, especially when we have a Great Offer from our Partners in Switzerland to provide Capital sufficient to grow financially 10x times faster. What we offer here at Elite Alliance is not just a regular Investment Opportunity, but rather a jewel in the crown of Elite Group. Everyone MUST completely understand that what we offer here in just 30-60 days would take at least 5 years to accomplish with your local bank and could be lost in a day in some HYIP scam. Please excuse my frustrations when I respond to SOME (only a few) Members, but it looks like I am doing this for myself only - there is no gratitude in return. And I feel that we will definitely go PRIVATE by the end of this year.

Anyway, what is more important is the PENDING Withdrawal Requests - I will get them processed within 24-hour time frame. And one more thing, I will upload all our recent Activity Reports as well within 24 hours and will post a short Update to report on the progress and changes.

And the very last thing for the non-believers... Yesterday we processed $260,000 in Payouts, today we have almost the same amount and we will get it done soon. If we were a HYIP, we would not simply be able to sustain if such amounts are paid in full within 2 days. Some IMPATIENT Members should think about that and also look at our Alexa Statistics:

Elite Alliance is very popular all around the world. Experienced Investors are still investing with us as they know we will STAY while others come and go!

Thanks to all our REAL Supporters for their Unwavering Support!!! We look forward to shake hands with our new and old Alliance Members & Friends to grow and prosper together!.........."""""""""""""

So to me this is a completely legit business opportunity that can change your life for ever

I surely will keep you informed about the progress of the contracts that mature.

Thanks for reading my articles and hope you will keep reading them

*those calculations are completely theoretical and hypothetical according the actual information about the investment contracts.They are presented here to give you an idea of what could be possibly achieved. Calculations are made on actual info and can't be guaranteed for the future development of the markets. This note is made for legal reasons because nobody can guarantee future developments in the economical world | Free Opt-In Email System

Saturday, 11 June 2011

A golden opportunity

Wow, the person who invited me to this got my special thanks.

That person introduced me to a really golden opportunity, as there can't be found so often on the net.

I just joined it and invested a small sum just to get started already since I'm waiting upon completion of a transfer of more funds to invest in this.

It's an investment program called Elite Alliance and is a private investment club that was founded in 2002 so It's already quit a while on the net.

It's only accessible by invitation.

Because it's so well structured that I want to share this only with friends I care for.

But before I talk more about the sort of investment they offer, I want to quote some of the answers the founder of this investment club.


12.QUESTION: Can you offer any proof of those activities that investors can verify, if they wish, before actually joining?

A clean hand wants no washing. That’s why the main guarantee is a well-timed payment of our investors’ dividends. After all, we really exist since 2002. Besides, we provide copies of our registration documents and give you the opportunity to check their legitimacy in the database of registrar of companies. You know when everything is Ok, you will see very little information about the payments and work, but if we’d work unconscionably then, after 8 years of Elite Group existence, the Internet would replete with posts about our unconscionable work. Sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, or when dealing with large co-investment funds, we certainly can provide sufficiently reliable bank guarantees.

13.QUESTION : If you have been able to generate such enormous profits for millionaire clients for so many years, why do you now need other people’s money to do it? Especially the (in comparison) almost tiny amounts afforded by 99% of online HYIP investors. Also, how did you manage to do it for as long as you claim without a functioning website and without any traceable record of your existence?

I always try to avoid words like HYIP, because HYIP’s are nothing more than pyramid investment schemes. We work honestly and we love what we do. As I have already mentioned, we have the highest economic figures in the “InProfit” system, and we have a huge number of serious proposals for investment in further development of the project. We don’t want to sell such a jewel as the “InProfit” system, as in the case of attracting some large borrowings, we will have to hand over an entire project or its part to third parties. At this point, I personally and my partners in Elite Group consider this impractical. Why sell the goose laying golden eggs? That’s why, at the moment, we are partially open to new members, but soon EliteAlliance will become an absolutely private club.

Now I can even make a little prediction for the future…

Taking into account the inflow of investments and the wide-reaching publicity, we will close registration and cancel the registration option. Only permanent and trusted members will remain as our club members and we will work 100% behind the closed doors just for their welfare..................""""""""

The complete article is much larger and more in depth and you can read it here in full:

This is the address of an independant blog who too the interview of the founder of Elite Alliance

Now they have 4 investment contracts from short term to mid short term and variable intrest revenues:

1) Weekly Fixed Duration: 7 calendar days Rate of Interest: 11% Principal Return: Upon Maturity

2) BiWeekly Fixed Duration: 14 calendar days Rate of Interest: 25% Principal Return: Upon Maturity

3) Monthly Fixed Duration: 1 month Rate of Interest: 60% Principal Return: Upon Maturity

4) BiMonthly Fixed Duration: 2 months Rate of Interest: 160% Principal Return: Upon Maturity

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “Weekly Fixed” plan: $100.00 x 11% = $11 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $111 return after 7 Days

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “BiWeekly Fixed” plan: $100.00 x 25% = $25 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $125 return after 14 Days

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “Monthly Fixed” plan: $100.00 x 60% = $60 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $160 return after 1 Month

Here is an example of $100.00 invested in the “BiMonthly Fixed” plan: $100.00 x 160% = $160 Profit PLUS $100 Principal = $260 return after 2 Months

You can purchase our Investment Contracts in any amount between $10 and $25,000. Currently we accept the following payment processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Alert Pay and SolidTrust Pay.

I'll invite you to read the article above mentioned and invite you to this Elite Alliance, rpivate investment club at

invitation code: 2365A4DB4463

Or go straight here

This really is a golden opportunity to build a passive residual income

Hope you join the club | Free Opt-In Email System

Friday, 10 June 2011

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